Clear, contemporary and insightful talks and workshops about the basic principles of Anthroposophy, Eurythmy, Waldorf Education and Biodynamics.


With Spiritual Science, Rudolf Steiner brought spiritual insights in such a modern and novel way that we can continue to draw insights and inspirations from his work our whole lives. Explore subjects such as The Birth of Time and Space, the Spiritual Hierarchies, Esoteric Christianity and more.

EURYTHMY: Movement and Meditation for our Age

Eurythmy brings joy as an art form, grounding as a personal practice, and healing as a therapeutic modality. With a wide variety of workshops, you can choose the path you would like to explore.


The specialized field of Eurythmy Therapy can help with a wide range of health issues, whether physical, energetic or emotional. 

WALDORF EDUCATION: Introductory and Advanced Studies

Cynthia offers both introductory and deepening courses in the fundamentals of Waldorf Education. She also collaborates with other master Waldorf teachers, designing custom Waldorf teacher programs for communities.


Artistic practices note only build skills in particular arts; they also enrich our lives in countless subtle, joyful ways. The teachers Cynthia works with are all committed to teaching you through joyful, engaging and empowering exercises so you can discover the creative forces living with you.

BIODYNAMICS: Healthy Soils, Healthy Food

Harald Hoven, Cynthia’s husband, is a master biodynamic gardener who has created and run a 3 acre biodynamic market garden and CSA at Rudolf Steiner College for 30 years, and trained over 100 apprentices in the process. Seed saving and teaching are two of his deep interests. Cynthia and Harald travel both alone and together to teach workshops on the how’s and why’s of biodynamic farming, building on a deep understanding of how to sustain and improve the etheric body of the earth and human beings.

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