"Cynthia, we feel that we are becoming hardened, almost robotic! Can you help us become more Human?"   


In a response to this urgent question, Cynthia has developed a series of workshops that focus on “Eurythmy as a Personal Practice” and deep studies in Anthroposophy. Through this mulit-faceted curriculum, people discover the joy of living, the sacredness of being on the earth. They perceive the creative forces in self and world and learn how to work with them in an aesthetic, harmonizing art.


Cynthia's capacity to perceive sensitively, speak warmly, and direct effectively allows her to work with a broad spectrum of students around the entire world. She is adept in performing, healing, and teaching eurythmy for adults and children, and in using it to enhance collaborative group work. She also joins her husband for workshops to teach the interface of eurythmy and biodynamic agriculture.

Drawing on decades of experience, Cynthia's lively lectures and workshops focus on spiriutal topics inspired by Anthroposophy, including The Nautre of the Human Being, Cosmic and Earthly Evolution, Life before Birth and after Death, Biography and LIfe Cycles, and Inner Work and Personal Development.


Cynthia Hoven has over 35 years of experience working with Anthroposophy, Waldorf education and Eurythmy. She worked as a key professor at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, for over 25 years. There she also founded and directed a full-time Eurythmy training program for 10 years. She has travelled and taught extensively throughout the world, and is enthusiastic about working in international settings.








"What a beautiful glimpsed into the limitless world of eurythmy, that I had no inkling existed! Such a tremendous gift! Thank you for sharing with us!"